Olga's Facials                 

   Rejuvenate Your Skin, Body, and Soul!
1426 # 3 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica Ca  (310)339-1886 

Your Beauty and Wellness Experience with Olga   

I take great pride in providing my clients with the finest and most individualized concepts in Skin Care. Using only natural ingrediants, I specialize in treatments for Men and Women of All Ages.  I am pleased to integrate the newest technology in cleansing treatments as well traditional organic elements- The Newest Vitamin Drip, Hawaiian Peel, Chocolate Delight and more.  The results of these treatments are immediate and long-lasting.   I provide treatment for  teenage and adult acne, photo-aging, pigmentation, and fine lines.  Scientific data makes it clear  that caring for the health of your skin is an ever on-going responsibility -  a responsibility that I share with you.   I continue to search for new and better ways to keep your skin beautiful and healthy!  Ask about  a program of treatments tailored specifically for your skin's needs using  the finest natural ingredients to clean, energize, moisturize and rejuvenate your skin.   Practice preventive skin care and you will experience its benefits for a lifetime.

NEW - Exclusive to Olga's Facials!!! The Ultra Layering Treatment
Anti-aging mega treatment with amazing results!  Power C exfoliation + Led light therapy + Ultrasonic + Layering mask  $265

NEW - The Aqua Fusion Treatment!!!
Brighten and replenish your skin with a luxurious super-infusion hydration treatment     $145

Breakthrough Blue Light Therapy
Miraculous results for Rosacea and Acne through the medical wonder of Blue Light Therapy.   An amazing way to help with  symptoms or redness, blemishes and swelling.   A  great healing treament to restore the health of your  skin.

The Vitamin Drip
Perfect For All Skin Types!
A topical application of highly-concentrated pure Vitamins  such as A,B,C,E and D.   This will increase production of collagen in skin, add protection from Ultra Violet light and reduce signs of aging. Immediate results are younger- looking,  glowing skin!

The "Hawaiian Peel"
Provides a gentle-yet- powerful form of exfoliation.  Perfect for any
type of skin. This treatment uses all-natural, hand-mixed ingredients to remove dead skin cells and reveal  smoother, moister and fresher skin.  This process accelerates cell renewal and gives you a lasting youthful glow.

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