Olga's Facials                 

   Rejuvenate Your Skin, Body, and Soul!
1426 # 3 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica Ca  (310)339-1886 

Olga From Montana is Back!

Olga Dror has been in the skincare industry for 25 years.  She started out her career working for dermatologists and Adrien Arpel skincare line in Toronto.  She brought her talents to Los Angeles and became a fixture to the Santa Monica community by establishing a popular facial spa on Montana Avenue.  For the past few years, Olga has been in Toronto teaching esthetics and developing new treatments...  and now she's back!  Her clients are happy to hear that she has recently returned to Santa Monica and is operating out of a location just blocks from the beach!  

Olga's philosophy is that skincare is not just about cleansing - it's also about mental awareness.  She uses only top-of-the-line organic products.  Passionate about helping her clients achieve inner and outer beauty, her services truly rejuvenate your skin, body, and soul.  
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